Yorktown Premium Pack 9
Yorktown Premium Pack 9
Yorktown Premium Pack 9
Yorktown Premium Pack 9
Yorktown Premium Pack 9
Yorktown Premium Pack 9
Yorktown Premium Pack 9
Yorktown Premium Pack 9

Yorktown Premium Pack 9

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• (2) Deluxe Wood Roofs
• 9ft. high 4 position Swing Beam
• (3) Sling Swings
• Ring Trapeze
• 10ft. Super Wave Slide
• Deluxe Hand Grips
• Access Ladder with Flat Steps
• Access Ladder Rails
• (2) Slide Handles
• Skybox Play Deck
• Spiral Slide
• Monkey Bars
• 14ft. Swoosh Slide
• Pinnacle Rock Wall
• Bottom Porch Play Walls
• Bottom Porch Play Floor
• Bottom Play Walls
• Bottom Play Floor

Set Dimensions:
29ft. x 23ft. x 13ft. High

2,828 lbs

Premium Pine Distinct Features

Our swing sets are as close to commercial grade as you can get. Here's why we stand out from the rest!


The Wood We Use

Quality begins with the material! Southern Yellow Pine is our wood of choice. Strong and dense, SYP is a much heavier wood than those used by many of our competitors and it is that weight which adds stability!


Signature Swing Beam 

Stronger and 60% heavier than 1 solid beam of China Fir... we bond 4 pieces of Southern Yellow Pine together to create our Signature Swing Beams! 


Innovative Swing Hangers 

Our Heavy-Duty Ny-Glide Swing Hangers marry the industry standard swing snap connector to a custom engineered lubricated nylon bushing mechanism for the smoothest swing in the industry! 


Bolt Thru Construction

To add a measure of rigidity and to allow for easy tightening, our hardware goes all the way through our support beams! Our sets also feature recessed drilling and attractive caps to eliminate exposed bolts.


Safe For Little Climbers

Our innovative molded plastic steps provide a large, flat surface area for easy gripping. This feature, along with our textured Deluxe Hand Grips, helps your little one stay safe when climbing.

Yorktown Gallery

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