Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties
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Birthday Parties

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Our amazing outdoor showroom, filled with playsets, trampolines and outdoor toys are the perfect venue for Birthday Parties and any other memorable events that your family is celebrating.

Celebrating milestones like birthdays and big accomplishments is a great way to show kids how proud you are of them. A fun party can put a smile on anyone’s face. If you’re planning a birthday party or special event for your family, why not let them celebrate by playing the day away?

At Marin Backyards, you can throw a kid’s birthday party everyone will love. When you book the birthday party room at our outdoor showroom in Mill Valley, your kids will get to play on a huge outdoor playground with pieces of play equipment for kids of all ages, including trampolines, swing sets and more. Both exciting and convenient, our birthday party space provide everything you need to create a memorable experience. Read on to learn more about our outdoor playground party place.

Take Your Outdoor Birthday Party to the Next Level With Marin Backyards

Marin Backyards can provide you with a party playground space for your child’s next birthday celebration. Our party venue offers a unique twist on birthday parties. Instead of sitting around and eating snacks, kids get to engage in active play. With multiple play areas, they can climb, bounce, play games, swing and more. They can get their muscles moving and even work off some additional energy!

If you’re looking for something different, a Marin Backyards party may be just the ticket. Instead of trying the same old streamers and house-bound party, why not go somewhere new and exciting? Give kids a whole new experience and a new way of celebrating.

Let us handle it. Instead of having to worry about set up, decorations, clean up and more, you can leave the cleaning to Marin Backyards. You can bring some of your own special treats and snacks to make it the celebration complete. You can even bring your own decorations if you like, but we’ll take care of the details, including napkins, plastic forks and spoons, seating, entertainment and more.

Everyone Gets to Enjoy a Great Party!

When you choose Marin Backyards, you let everyone celebrate with an outdoor playground birthday party. Kids of all ages can take part because there’s so much to do. Older children may like the fun trampolines, while younger ones might gravitate toward swings and slides. There are many other spots and more imagination-based play areas with activities.

Why choose to party with us?

  • Minimize the inconvenience of hosting at your home
  • Never worry about the clean up.
  • Unique and Different
  • Memorable experience
  • Something for everyone

What’s Included?

  • Access to our entire showroom filled with Playsets, Trampolines and Outdoor Toys.
  • Tables and chairs to accommodate up to 20 kids
  • Plastic forks and spoons, cups, plates and napkins
  • A safe, fun environment