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Open Play:

When you bring your kids our outdoor playground at Marin Backyards in Mill Valley, they’ll get to play with:

    • Playsets: Wooden playsets outdoors will let your children climb, play and get their imaginations running wild.
    • Trampolines: Let children bounce high and work on balance and physical strength with large bounce areas..
    • Table Tennis: Your kids will enjoys a great motor skill building sport with their friends
    • Outdoor Toys: Make it Believe is essential for kids development, let build sand castles or load truck inb our sandbox
  • The Benefits of an Outdoor Playground for Your Child

    Come to our Outdoor playground at Marin Backyards, and you can allow your children to enjoy all these benefits of a kids’ outdoor play area:

    • An outdoor play center is inclusive: If your child struggles with the indoor play spaces or the quiet indoors, taking play outside just makes sense. Even if your community doesn’t have a playground, Marin Backyards offers an affordable, fun and safe option.
    • Outdoor play is great for the nice weather: When it's sunny outside outdoor playgrounds mean play doesn’t have to be boring. You also won’t have to worry about kids messing your living room or getting annoyed inside the house, let then burn all their energy outside
    • Our outdoor playground is controlled: In our space you don’t have to worry about children wandering away from a play area. It’s easier to supervise kids, and other adults there can help keep kids safe too.
    • Outdoor play areas at Marin Backyards is a great way to try before you buy: Our Outdoor Playground Equipments double as showrooms. If you’re considering a play area for your kids, have them try out all the possible configurations so that you can learn about their interests and invest in what they enjoy playing most. You can also see how different playsets and trampolines look set up and speak to Marin Backyards about the systems, ensuring you’re making the right purchase.
    • Outdoor spaces are a fun new option: Many kids have been to indoor playgrounds, but outdoor play spaces can have that “cool” factor, especially when children get to use their “outdoor” voice!
    • An outdoor play area is an ideal spot for a party: Want to host a birthday party or any event for kids but don’t want to worry about entertainment or cleanup? Marin Backyards may just have the solution for you! Let kids play and have a blast in a space designed just for them.
    • Outdoor play builds social skills: Outdoor play spaces encourage kids to interact more closely, which can help even shy kids work on building friendships.
    • Outdoor play gets kids moving: There are lots of options for kids to play and have fun, but our outdoor kids’ playground spaces are unique. SuperPlayTime gets kids active and moving — without even realizing it, children can get physical.
    • Outdoor playground from Marin Backyards offer development advantages: Kids get to develop motor skills, coordination, balance, social skills and more. Our play equipment is designed to be enriching and offer benefits as well as fun.
    • Outdoor playtime is a special treat or casual event: You can combine SuperPlayTime with a trip to In-Out to make it a special event. Another option is to drop by when running errands to work off some energy. You can customize this experience for your kids and their needs, staying for just a few hoops or hours of fun.