ACON Air 14ft Black Trampoline
ACON Air 14ft Black Trampoline
ACON Air 14ft Black Trampoline
ACON Air 14ft Black Trampoline
ACON Air 14ft Black Trampoline
ACON Air 14ft Black Trampoline

ACON Air 14ft Black Trampoline

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Leap in Sleek Style with the Acon Black Trampoline

Step up and show the neighborhood your style with the Air 14 Black Trampoline. It’s our most striking design ever, with a sleek single black color over the mat, poles and padding. When you’re ready to level up, there’s no better launchpad for fun tricks with a frame to fit medium sized yards.

With a huge jump zone, it’s perfect for growing families. This size gives your crew enough room today and into the future as their stunts become more ambitious.

Get Your Family Leaping on Acon’s Black Trampoline

Family fun starts right in the backyard with the Air 14 Black Trampoline. With its sleek black design from top to bottom the neighborhood will take note of your discerning style. Looking good while leaping has never been easier as this is the perfect launchpad for creating ultra-cool videos of tricker and gymnastics routines. Plus, its oversized jump zone gives your family plenty of room for creativity and high-flying fun. While still not being so big that you can’t fit it into a medium sized yard.

Like every Acon, this 14-foot model is created with Synergy Design which delivers you the best bounce from the trampoline surface. This perfect complement between the design and engineering of the springs, mat and frame amplifies every bounce of the trampoline, as the springs maximize their full potential.

As part of the new Air lineup, it features new Air Series springs for more air with every jump. All engineered for a quiet, more peaceful experience thanks to the new Air Spring design.

A Safe and Stylish Black Trampoline

The Air 14 Black Trampoline delivers superior safety on every level. It starts with a strong and sturdy heavy-duty frame that creates a solid foundation for any leaper. Thanks to our premium safety enclosure, bouncers are protected by high walls featuring wide, thick pole paddings surrounded by safety foam. The mesh structure includes a sturdy zipper door which allows for easy access to the mat surface, and when tightly closed provides extra security to keep leapers inside. The smart premium enclosure fits inside the springs of the black trampoline which helps protect against unwanted contact. The smooth, skin friendly mesh design adds a new layer of protection while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. And it’s been safety tested up to 1650lbs, so families can leap with peace of mind.

Some families ask us ‘what is the difference between our rectangular and round models’. The simplest answer is that a trampoline that is round will naturally pull jumpers back to the center of the mat as they leap, which is also an added safety feature, especially for novice leapers.

Own Your Acon Black Trampoline for Life

Acon for Life is more than just a mindset. It's the way we approach designing, crafting, and keeping up our trampolines. We're committed to the sustainable development of our products, whether it's eco-conscious sourcing or how we offer 100% guarantee of spare parts for every new model. We ship every Acon to give you the peace of mind that when it arrives you get a top rate experience and can jump with ease, knowing we’re here to support you and your family for generations.

Which is why you can count on durability across every inch of Acon. Heavy duty frames are standard. We forge them from galvanized steel and give them black powder coatings to they won't bend or rust. We cross-sew heavy-duty stitching on our polypropylene mats, and surround them with all-weather thick padding that’s durable enough for year-round use. We give all our mats and enclosures UV-treatment to hold up to the hard effects of sunlight, too. And we back it all up with industry-leading warranties. When you buy an Acon, we want you to own it for generations.

The Only Black Trampoline for Your Backyard

With the Air 14 Black Trampoline package, you get everything you need to get your family leaping in style, right out of the box. The best bounce. Our coolest and sleekest black color. Wrapped in safety with our premium enclosure that's UV protected for a long-lasting look. Plus a sturdy step ladder to help leapers up to the jumping mat. Family fun has never looked so smart, or so striking, in any backyard. For families looking to jump on the next level beyond the standard backyard experience, a 14-foot Acon trampoline is the right choice for you to get maximum air that will get oohs and ahhs.


  • Diameter 143in
  • Cross-sewn polypropylene
  • 10 row stitching
  • UV-treated


  • Galvanized steel
  • 96 pcs
  • Length 8.5 inches
  • Spring Pull Tool Included


  • Thickness 1.2 in
  • Thick vinyl cover
  • UV-treated
  • Width 14.5 in


  • Diameter 14 ft
  • Frame height 35 in
  • Height with ACON Premium Black Edition Enclosure 109 in


  • Package1: 67" x 16" x 8", 107 lb
  • Package2: 68" x 12" x 8", 96 lb
  • Package3: 63" x 11" x 8", 25 lb
  • Package4: 71" x 15" x 6", 66 lb


280 lb (trampoline, enclosure, ladder)


Trampoline assembly service available (Availability and prices vary based on location). Book your trampoline assembly after checkout.


  • ACON Air 14ft Black Edition trampoline (frame, mat, safety pad, springs)
  • ACON Premium 14ft Enclosure Black Edition
  • Trampoline ladder
  • Spring Pull Tool
  • Graphical instructions


10 years for the frame
5 years for the springs
5 years for the jumping mat
2 years for the safety pad
1 year for the safety net
1 year for other parts
1 year for the ladder


No Single Jumper Weight Limit