ACON Air 15ft Premium Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Premium Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Premium Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Premium Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Premium Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Premium Trampoline

ACON Air 15ft Premium Trampoline

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The Air 15ft trampoline package with a premium enclosure gives your family more space for its most imaginative jumps and routines. Loved by families and pro-style trickers as well as gymnasts, this round 15 feet trampoline is the perfect launchpad for aspiring leapers.

With our premium enclosure, leapers get next level safety while enjoying the best in backyard bouncing. The premium enclosure fits inside the springs and safety paddings which help protect against unwanted contact.

The round 15 feet trampoline has 10% more air powered by new Air series springs. Jumpers will enjoy our largest jump zone available in a round model. Choose one of the most popular 15 feet trampolines with confidence as the set comes with a comprehensive warranty for the rust-resistant galvanized steel frame, springs, mat and more. Enjoy the thrills of jumping for years and decades to come.

The Best Bounce with Our Round Trampoline

What gives Acon its signature bounce? The answer is Acon Synergy Design. It’s innovative engineering at its finest, and it’s built into every trampoline we create. With it, we ensure that the frame, the mat, and the springs all work in unison, which amplifies the amount of every bounce. With the springs reaching their full potential in every leap, you receive maximum lift.

Every one of our new trampolines comes with our Air series springs, which deliver 10% more bounce than our older generations of trampolines. The innovative thinking doesn’t stop there, either. These new springs are intelligently designed with longer, no-pinch hooks for better safety, as well as better corrosion resistance.

Now your family has the launchpad that it needs for the most imaginative of tricks and flips. Budding gymnasts have the space to explore new routines on the extra-large landing zone, while those who love to leap benefit from the room to explore some of their most challenging jumps.

Our Premium Round Trampoline: Safe, Fun and Ready for Your Family

When nothing but the best-in-class will do, it’s time to look to Acon. Our Air 15 with premium enclosure trampoline is the biggest and boldest round trampoline available. Yes, it delivers the best bounce in the neighbourhood, but it also comes with safety features that keep leapers of all sizes and abilities safe while jumping.

The premium enclosure, which fits between the mat and the springs of the Air 15, creates an ultra-safe jumping zone without comprising on any of the fun, too. High, sturdy walls keep leapers safely inside and features a fortified zipper to ensure no fallouts, no matter how vigorous the jumping. Plus, the enclosure walls have a no finger access design, with poles protected by thick, high quality safety foam.

Some people ask us ‘why choose a round shape vs that of a rectangle? One important difference between the shapes is that our round models feature a single center point which is in the exact middle of all of the springs’ pull. Which naturally keep jumpers more in the center of the mat (an added safety feature).

Own Our Round Trampoline for Life

With every Acon we produce, we aim to design and craft the most sustainable trampoline with the best bounce. It’s this thinking that keeps us in pursuit of creating something that families can, and will, have for life. The Air 15 round trampoline with premium enclosure we’ve our most-advanced thinking to work in service of creating the next generation of Acon that will last a generation. We use heavy duty stitching, cross-sewn into the polypropylene mat for greater durability. We treat the mat and enclosure with a U/V coating to resist the harsh effects of sunlight. And we anchor it to a sturdy foundation made of our massively thick black powder coated steel frame that won’t bend or warp from any standard use. Which is why we offer an industry-leading warranty: 10 years on the frame. 5 years on the mat. 2 years on the safety pad, springs, and other mat components.

We're committed to the sustainable development of our products, from their design to our eco-conscious sourcing. Which is to say that your Acon is shipped to give you piece of mind that when it arrives you get a top rate experience and can jump with ease, knowing we’re here to support you and your family for generations. You won’t find another trampoline available that gives you so much, season after season. We're also dedicated to creating equipment that comes with a lifetime of use, supported through superior care and our pledge to provide 100% spare part guarantee for every new Acon trampoline we make.

Our Premium Round Trampoline Package - the Air 15 with Premium Enclosure

When your family is ready for the next level of jumps, tricks, and thrills, then there’s only one choice. The Acon Air 15 round trampoline. From the littlest of leapers to those looking to launch into order, this is your new launchpad. Parents will love getting up and jumping too. There are no limits to family fun on this biggest round model from Acon.

Get started with everything you need right out of the box. This package includes the 15-foot round model, our premium enclosure which sits inside the springs to keep leapers above the mat, and the simple, sturdy ladder to give your family a boost up onto the jumping surface. Get ready for the thrill of Acon.


  • Diameter 156in
  • Cross-sewn polypropylene
  • 10 row stitching
  • UV-treated


  • Galvanized steel
  • 110 pcs
  • Length 8.5 inches
  • Spring Pull Tool Included


  • Thickness 1.2 in
  • Thick vinyl cover
  • UV-treated
  • Width 14.5 in


  • Diameter 15 ft
  • Frame height 35 in
  • Height with ACON Premium Enclosure 109 in


  • Package1: 61" x 14" x 8", 124 lb
  • Package2: 59" x 12" x 8", 67 lb
  • Package3: 61" x 21" x 11", 74 lb
  • Package4: 71" x 15" x 8", 80lb


310 lb (trampoline, enclosure, ladder)


Garden Green, Black


  • ACON Air 15ft Trampoline (frame, mat, safety pad, springs)
  • ACON Premium 15ft Enclosure
  • Trampoline ladder
  • Spring Pull Tool
  • Graphical instructions


10 years for the frame
5 years for the springs
5 years for the jumping mat
2 years for the safety pad
1 year for the safety net
1 year for other parts
1 year for the ladder

100% Spare Part Availability


No Single Jumper Weight Limit