ACON Air 15ft Standard Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Standard Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Standard Trampoline
ACON Air 15ft Standard Trampoline

ACON Air 15ft Standard Trampoline

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Our biggest round model, the 15ft round trampoline is your family’s new launchpad to explore how high they can fly. A huge jump zone for families. Incredible air and space for aspiring trickers and gymnasts.

With innovative Air series springs, bouncers get 10% more air with every leap.

With our standard enclosure, you get maximum safety and maximum space. It wraps around the outer edge of the frame, providing the biggest play area from our round trampoline line up.

15 ft round trampoline - the launchpad for the whole family!

Coming with the largest play area suitable for games and tricks, this is the model families consider to be the best especially for large crews and varied age groups. The Air springs deliver a delightful, high bounce.

Every Acon is created through Synergy Design, which creates the perfect complement between the frame, the mat, and the springs for an unparalleled bounce. It’s what allows us to proudly say we have the best bounce in the business.

A New Level of Safety

Trampoline safety is at the core of what we do. The standard enclosure on this 15ft round trampoline features a smooth, skin friendly mesh with beautiful aesthetics. The trampoline enclosure has high walls, no finger access design, and a zipper door to keep your kid safely inside. Tested to withstand up to 1650lbs/750kg, people at all ages can leap with peace of mind.

A common question we get is ‘what makes a round model different from a rectangular one’? The simple answer is that a round trampoline has a center point between all of the springs. The natural bouncing motion pulls jumpers back toward the center of the mat as they leap, which is an added safety feature that can benefit beginner jumpers.

The Acon Trampoline is the one – for Life

Built to last for decades, we are confident that this trampoline will be the only one you will ever need to buy. Unbendable heavy-duty frames made of galvanized steel are black powder coated to prevent rust. All materials are UV-protected to stand up to the harsh effects of the sun.

Tough cross-sewn stitching on our polypropylene jumping surface and thick outdoor padding makes the Acon Air 15 ft trampoline durable enough for year-round use. All backed up by our industry-leading warranty and 100% spare part availability. So, when you buy an Acon, you can own it for generations.

What’s in the box?

The package contains everything you need to get your entire crew leaping, right out of the box. It has the Air 15 ft round trampoline, the standard enclosure and the sturdy step ladder providing jumpers easy entry onto the mat surface.


  • Diameter 156in
  • Cross-sewn polypropylene
  • 10 row stitching
  • UV-treated


  • Galvanized steel
  • 110 pcs
  • Length 8.5 inches
  • Spring Pull Tool Included


  • Thickness 1.2 in
  • Thick vinyl cover
  • UV-treated
  • Width 13.8 in


  • Diameter 15 ft
  • Frame height 35 in
  • Height with ACON Enclosure 107 in


  • Package1: 67" x 16" x 8", 107 lb
  • Package2: 68" x 12" x 8", 96 lb
  • Package3: 63" x 11" x 8", 25 lb
  • Package4: 71" x 15" x 6", 66 lb


305 lb (trampoline, enclosure, ladder)


  • ACON Air 15ft Trampoline (frame, mat, safety pad, springs)
  • ACON Standard 15ft Enclosure
  • Trampoline ladder
  • Spring Pull Tool
  • Graphical instructions


Advanced skills


10 years for the frame
5 years for the springs
5 years for the jumping mat
2 years for the safety pad
1 year for the safety net
1 year for other parts
1 year for the ladder


No Single Jumper Weight Limit