Small Basketball Court Kit 6
Small Basketball Court Kit 6
Small Basketball Court Kit 6

Small Basketball Court Kit 6

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35’9”W x 29’11”L  - Small Court Basketball

  • Width: 35’9”
  • Length: 29’11”
  • Sq Ft: 1,070
  • Tile: 1,502
  • Ramps: 158
  • Min. Base Dimensions: 35'11" x 30'1"

    We know that not every yard, playground or facility has the space to install a full basketball court, but with our court kits tiles, we have courts to accommodate almost any space. Our smallest court kits require just over 500 square feet of space and feature a full free throw lane and partial 3-point line. Larger kits exceed 1,000 square feet but may still fit on a standard driveway or can placed on any flat concrete surface.

    Our small court kits show how even the smallest of areas can accommodate a basketball court tile system. They are ideal for practicing your shot or small games of one-on-one.

    Skillfully Engineered for Safety and Durability


    A gentle vertical flex provides forgiveness for players’ lower backs, knees, and joints.


    Proudly made in the USA and designed to withstand extreme weather and demanding play.


    Reverse spring tension expansion joints and a spring-tabbing mechanism allow for slight side-to-side movement between the tile.


    Molded from a specially blended high impact Copolymer Polypropylene that protects against fracturing during intensive play.


    Sport and Game Court Tile


    High Performance Court Tile System versatile line of sport and game tile includes both outdoor and indoor systems designed for specific sports, spaces and games.